Flat Stomach Foods

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If you’ve found this page, you are already several steps ahead of other women and men looking to lose their stomach fat and get to that six-pack abdomen look. Why? Because a flat stomach starts with healthy foods – and while there isn’t any magical flat stomach foods that immediately get you to a flat belly, diet is absolutely the first place to start if you want to start seeing – and keeping – results in terms of a flat belly.

Woman showing excess body fat around her waist

If you’ve been reading through the rest of my site about the Diet Solution Program, you already know that this is the flat stomach diet I chose to help reduce my weight and get to a healthier body. I started at the same place you are – doing a ton of research online, including all of the usual suspects with huge marketing budgets [and in my opinion pricey programs] like Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers.

I decided to purchase the Diet Solution Program as it was the best fit for me to learn – yes learn – how to get my body to a stage where belly fat would melt away by simply eating healthier. My perspective is that if you’re body is getting the fuel it was designed to use, it will self-optimize not only around general health, but also avoid depositing excess fat around my waist. Furthermore, after understanding better the biochemical reactions that occur in my body in response to specific foods, I firmly believe that following the right flat stomach food diet will by default begin providing me the results I’m looking for.

How to Get a Flat Stomach Fast

You’ve seen it right? Web sites claiming to get you a flat stomach in 2 weeks, or maybe 3 weeks. Does this sound right to you? As much as we all want to believe in magic, you know in the back of your head that ways to a flat stomach fast, in a healthy way, will involve hard work and motivation. However, the hard work doesn’t have to mean a daily grind of eating weird foods, doing a thousand sit-ups every morning, or buying a space age exercise machine for thousands of dollars.

Couple Showing their Flat Belly with excess space in their pantsSeriously. With a full time job, business travel, and 2 kids do you really think I have time or energy to select a diet or exercise program that would be impossible to follow and require me to find an extra 2 hours in an already busy day? A flat stomach diet is what I needed that didn’t depend on exercise to produce results.

No – I also wanted to get a flat stomach fast, so I researched and chose a diet solution that involves changing the foods I eat – foods available at almost every grocery store, and don’t involve some weird recipe or spices to make it palatable. I even allow myself to cheat twice a week if I want – and my body has still responded amazingly to this approach. By starting with changing my diet to flat stomach foods I didn’t have to find any extra time in my day – but simply starting changing what I eat during normal meal times.

Flat stomach foods, however, are part of an overall diet solution to improve the fundamental way your body functions. We don’t see overweight tigers, leopards, cheetahs, and other wild animals – why? Because they eat what their bodies evolved to function on. You, however, like most people, aren’t eating anything close to what your body evolved on. Do you really think that prehistoric man had access to pasta, bread, refined sugar, corn syrup, and ate animals that were raised on soy and assorted grains? Uh, no.

Many people believe that starting an aggressive exercise program will result in a flat stomach fast – I personally think that is backwards. You need to fix your diet first to get your body functioning optimally and not storing excessive blood sugar / glucose into your belly cells as fat. Once you are on a healthy diet for fat loss then you can begin adding in an exercise program to start toning the abdominal muscles (that will slowly be exposed as belly fat melts away) and getting your cardiovascular system in order. Focusing on a good flat stomach diet is the essential starting point before running out to buy a gym membership!

Think about it – you purchase a six-pack abdomen exercise program, and start on it right away. 5 days later you are dreading the morning or night stomach exercise routine, and furthermore haven’t seen any change at all other than a sore stomach. If you are still eating the same foods that caused your body to put on the fat, all the exercise program is doing is strengthening your belly muscles under all of that fat – and in the meantime your body is still diligently processing the junk you are eating and continuing to adapt to it by depositing more fat. So all of your hard work is not going to net results unless you change your diet to flat stomach foods (unless your goal is a fat stomach with hard muscles hidden underneath).

If nothing else, do yourself a favor and get a quick education either through Google, through buying the Diet Solution, or check a book out of your local library on the glycemic index. It will take you less than an hour to understand how your body functions relative to blood sugar, insulin, and why fat gets deposited around your waist. You will be surprised at how eating foods that appear to be good [like pasta or whole grain bread] actually can result in more weight gain and increase your stomach fat.

My Stomach Reduction Diet Plan

So what does a flat stomach diet plan look like – and does it work? My personal results on the diet I chose include:

  • I lost 2 belt notches in 2 months – my stomach is definitely losing excess fat (not sure if this is typical of everyone – just my experience on the diet solution program).
  • I’m never hungry – this diet isn’t restrictive in terms of how much flat stomach foods I can eat.
  • I’m not counting points or calories.
  • I’m snacking on wholesome snacks all day long.
  • I’m being intelligent about when to spend extra on organic foods versus conventional foods.
  • I have not started any kind of exercise program [although that is my next step].
  • I have no problems eating at restaurants. It becomes so easy to select the right foods, ask the right questions, and make substitutions for almost any meal you eat at a restaurant.
  • It took me about 3 weeks before I had gradually transformed my shopping and eating habits over to what was recommended.

Pile of spinach leaves as an example of one food to help lose stomach fat


When looking for the ideal stomach diet, you should be sure it is from a certified nutritionist, provides the research behind the recommendations, and has a track record of results.

Whether you choose the Diet Solution Plan or another program that is equally as credible, you can see results fairly quickly in losing belly fat by simply following some basic principles outlined in many of these diet solutions:

  • Avoid grains, pastas, and other refined carbohydrates – this includes bread and rice as well (most diets have meal plan guides that make it super easy to prepare all kinds of meals that are compliant).
  • Increase intake of fruits and vegetables – easier than you think! I had never tried Kale before starting on my diet, and now I love it – plus it is one of the most nutritious vegetables you can find.
  • Incorporate almonds and cashews into your diet – especially good as snack items (whereas salted peanuts are not).
  • Minimize or eliminate dairy products.
  • Increase green leafy vegetables – this is where we should be getting a lot of our calcium and other key nutrients.
  • Your body NEEDS the right fats to function [and burn existing body fat] – Omega 3 is one of the more critical ones, and is found in fish, flax seed, and other sources.
  • Where possible buy organic, free range and grass fed meats. The nutritional profile is optimal in terms of fats, proteins, and beneficial fatty acids. When animals eat a diet they shouldn’t be, they produce meat that has things in it you shouldn’t be eating.
  • Consider cooking with Coconut oil – a great healthy source of medium chain fatty acids.
  • The one key supplement to be sure you are taking is one that provides the right ratio of Omega 3 fatty acids. There are entire books written about just this topic, so I won’t go into how to find the right supplement and ratios here.
  • Research soy – don’t believe the marketing without reading up on soy products and how they are processed by your body. Form your own opinion on this topic.

I’m personally not a fan of diets that require pre-prepared meals purchased from a specific company, counting points so I can determine if I can eat something that is completely wrong for my body, or starving myself through some arcane calorie counting program. My quick take on calorie counting as a way to get a flat stomach is that you will never stick with it, and will be hungry all the time and grab the first thing available – which is junk food [when is the last time you saw organic vegetables in the vending machine?]

Any diet that focuses on healthier eating and explains the effects of specific foods like grains is a good one to look at to burn belly fat. Google “glycemic” index, or browse your local library or book store to find a book on the glycemic index. What you will learn is the effect food types have on your blood sugar and insulin levels, and why this is critical when it comes to not only storing excess fat, but also not triggering inflammatory responses in your body that are starting to be linked with a long list of disorders. Getting to a flat stomach fast should involve you having a basic understanding of this concept.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully you now feel armed with a few basic approaches for your flat stomach food plan. It isn’t as easy as simply cutting out snacks and soda and expecting to see results – doing a little bit of research [or better yet buying an already researched and effective plan like I did] will enable you to start changing your diet so it truly starts working as a “flat stomach diet plan”.

I will leave you with one final analogy. Exercising yourself to death is like replacing the engine in your car with the largest horsepower engine you can find – yet if you put bad gasoline or bad oil in the car how far do you think you’ll get? The little 4-cylinder Civic will pass you by every time with the right fuel.